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Founded in 1987 in Graz, Austria, ISOP – INNOVATIVE SOZIALPROJEKTE has more than three decades of experience in successfully planning, initiating and managing projects in the areas of social inclusion, education, counseling and employment. With a focus on an intercultural approach and on diversity, ISOP supports people with migrant backgrounds, asylum seekers, refugees as well as (long-term) unemployed people and individuals with deficiencies in (basic) education.

Over the years, ISOP has also acquired a wide range of expertise in managing projects (co-)funded by the European Union. Starting in 1999 with EU projects from previous programming periods (e.g.  ADAPT and the EQUAL Community Initiative), we have acquired an expansive professional knowledge in coordinating/working with innovative transnational projects as well as development partnerships.

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EU Foerdergeber


Asyl, Migrations- und Integrationsfonds




Ongoing ISOP projects co-funded by the European Union:




Train people and help them get into work, promote social inclusion, improve education & training

NIEBE: Low Sepcification Part Time Taining

ENTRADA – Low-Specification Part-Time Employment

“Holzapfel”: Community Support Agriculture




Professional guidance and educational services specifically adapted to the needs of ISOP’s target groups


Counseling Center for Integration and Antidiscrimination Feldbach/German Language Courses for Children

Educational Counseling




Programs to improve (basic) education and training to ensure that adults and young people complete their education and get the skills they need to increase their employability.

ZEP – Access to Education and Developing Perspectives

Campus Basic Education

Basic Skills for Adults in Graz and Bruck

Educational Diversity/Educational Opportunities

Competency Oriented Compulsory Education Diploma for Adults

Stryian Youth College

Basic Skills Workshops



Examples of successfully completed projects co-funded by the European Union:

Module Oriented Further Education for Basic Skills Trainers

Educational Diversity/Educational Opportunities

Being Diverse Without Fear


New Ways – Basic Education for Women

Initial Vocational Course for Basic Skills Trainers

STEbePs to Diversity – Developing Structural and Contentual Competences within the Styrian Employment Pact

Doing Diversity: Building Intercultural Competences in Styrian Companies

Low-Specification Part-Time Employment 1

Low-Specification Part-Time Employment 2





“The Forgotten Half: Adult Education for Educationally Disadvantaged Persons (Research and Practical Experience)/Die vergessene Hälfte”: Erwachsenenbildung für Bildungsbenachteiligte in der Zusammenschau von Wissenschaft und Praxis

Educational Guidance for Educationally Disadvantaged People

In.Education: Education as a Driver for Change (short a version)

In.Education: Education as a Driver for Change (long version)

Educational Diversity/Educational Opportunities: Conference Documentation

Successfully Diverse: Conference Documentation 2014

Successfully Diverse: Conference Documentation 2013



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